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CatTouch - CFG Screen

This information is for firmware version 2.08 & greater

Calibrate Touch allows you to recalibrate the touch screen
You must use the provided resistive touch screen stylus which has a fine hard smooth tip that doesnt scratch
A soft stylus, used with capacitive touch screens, is no good and will not work!

Flip Screen allows you to flip the screen up the other way so you can sit CatTouch on shelf
You will be prompted to recalibrate the touch screen if you flip the screen

Local time offset can be changed in +/- 15 minute increments

Zulu / UTC Time is reported from the transceiver & can only be changed in the transceiver
Refer to your transceiver's user manual on how to change its time & date

The 232C rate (CAT speed) can be changed to 4800, 9600, 19200 & 38400 (19200 is the default)
This speed must match the 232C rate on the transceiver
This is also where you set the speed for FT-710 CAT-3 (tuner/linear jack)

The voltmeter can be adjusted in +/- 0.1V increments

All meters can be calibrated using +/- buttons
Value entered are multiplied with the CAT value reported by the transceiver
RX delay is the time taken for the S meter to plot
TX delay is the time SWR, CMP, W & ALC meters take to plot
If you mainly use carrier modes like SSB, a larger delay helps smooth out meter action
You may find carrier modes like CW, FM & AM work best with smaller delays

If you change anything, you must press save changes to save the changes so they are stored for next startup

If you are calibrating meters, you can make a change on CFG screen, review it on MTR screen, go back to CFG to makes more changes, Etc
There is no need to save each time you switch between screens. When finished, then save changes to permanently store everything

A firmware update will erase all your settings

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