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CatTouch - CLK Screen
CatTouch CLK Screen

This information is for firmware version 2.41 and greater.

The date and time in the Yaesu transceiver are set to Zulu/UTC.
To change the time on CatTouch, first set Zulu/UTC on the transceiver.
Refer to your transceiver's user manual on how to change it.

Local time is calculated from the Zulu/UTC offset, which can be changed in the CFG screen.

On the FTdx10 & FTdx101 models (and possibly others), if the screen saver is activated, the clock stops updating.
This is a Yaesu CAT bug and not a fault with CatTouch

On the FTdx5000, or if there is no communication with the transceiver, selecting this screen will cause an error and CatTouch will restart.

The vertical voltmeter on the left indicates voltage and changes color based on CatTouch voltage:

Moon Phase for the current Zulu/UTC is shown in the center top.

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